unfolding agency: stategies of exscription #1

A performance by Alexander Tuchaček, performed by Daniel Marti.

The piece is about the relation between body and writing. A relation which, in the era of digital media, is a contested space. Digital media intervene more and more and invisibly into our life – with the promise of freedom and self-determination and the implicit hope of delegating participation into the disembodied cyberspace. The work builds on a passage from Jean-Luc Nancy’s book “Corpus.” This text was spoken and recorded to a sound file and reenacted in the piece «unfolding agency: stategies of exscription #1». A performer, Daniel Marti, is ‘scanned’ via a motion detector and through minimal body movements directs a machinic restaging of the audio recording of Nancy’s text. A machinic text writer attempts to follow the bodily speaking sound by sound. The written text characters overwrite the space and the performer. The piece is about this invisible, non-language interstice between writing and being written. The piece is enacted in 5 scenes:

exscription vocabulary #1
1. scene: hold-interrupt / de-authenticate yourself / repeated deauthentication packet bursts to jam WiFi access points
2. scene: circle-invert / fly onionized / anonymize traffic with onion routing
3. scene: endure / thermal persistence / infrared cameras tracking living bodies
4. scene: stand-idle / uncloud the desire / ownCloud localizes data
5. scene: coincidentally-synchronous / infinitely foamy / tanzende Sterne gebären


the performance lasts 50 min.

– 1 x laptop (artist)
– 1 x raspberry pi (artist)
– 1 x usb midicontroller (artist)
– 1 x usb 4 channel soundcard (artist)
– 1 x usb dmx adapter (artist)
– 1 x LED PAR 64 Pro 36x3W Short Floorspot (artist)
– 4 channel audio amp + 4 speaker
– 2 x hd beamer
– 1 x hdmi splitter