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huwwara_anybody, looking (knowbotic research)

Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam, 29.1.-31.1.2010 (preview)
plugin Basel, 4.3.2010, live -mix
FACT Liverpool, March 12 – May 23, opening: march 2011
Edith Russ Haus Oldenburg, June 11- Aug 29, 2010
Shedhalle Zurich, Überblendungen, October 9 – end of December 2010




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my_Black Cat (knowbotic research)

9.6.2008 NAMOC Beijing, “Synthetic Times”
7.2.2009 ARoS, Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Enter Action-Digital Art Now
22.10.2009 Laboral Gijon, FEEDFORWARD – The Angel of Historyparadise

Aros Kunstmuseum, Aarhus 2009

My black cat is black
My black cat is rebellious
My black cat is not easy to control
My black cat is not a variable
My black cat is undefinable
My black cat is irregular
My black cat is illegal

In this installation, 30 black balloons, filled with Helium, hover freely in space, suspended in a state of limbo, kept in subtle motion by an intermittent breeze of air. The audience is free to play with these balloons, yet a wall painted tag says:
A sound system emits standing waves and tracks the sonic feedback in order to monitor the positions and changing configurations of the balloons. The system calculates and modifies its sound frequencies according to the locations of the balloons, thus creating a resounding ambience in the space.

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naked bandit/code work (knowbotic research)

TENT, Witte de With Rotterdam, 2004
NAMOC ,Beijing 2008

the project forms part of a series of works that engage with the experience of total inclusion, and with hypothetical scenarios for becoming able to act in a situation where independent action is systematically denied. Naked Bandit / here,not here / white sovereign is based on a technical scenario, represented through a software process, in which one ‚parent‘ process controls another, the ‚child‘ process. In analogy to Giorgio Agamben‘s analysis of the homo sacer, the ‚nude bandit‘ is a figure caught up in a dependent relationship in which it has to report its continued presence (‚here‘), yet, is prevented from acting or leaving (‚not here‘). By offering an interface for a basic intervention into this scenario, the exhibition visitors are confronted with their implication into situations where the modern state systematically prevents people in the margins of society, from engaging their human and citizen rights.

two scenarios were transfer into script code, executable in a Unix shell on a personal computer, the legalistic codes (or, more aptly, codes which produce an exemption from legality) of the white sovereign’s inclusive exclusion of the naked bandit. The shell scripts appropriate the mechanism of the inclusive exclusion in order to in order to transgress experimentally its paradoxical logic.

scenario A modifies itself:
export white_sovereign='not_here() { while [ enclosed ] ; do echo "naked bandit: here, not here"; echo $white_sovereign| sed -e "s/ ( not_here ) /(& \& ) /g">; done; } ; ( not_here ) & wait $!' ; sh -c "$white_sovereign"

scenario B forks itself:
not_here() { echo "$! ">.key; here & wait $! ; } ; here() { while [ enclosed ];do echo "naked bandit: here, not here";done; } ; ( ( not_here ) & while true;do echo "white sovereign: naked bandit here, not here";done )

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mindsofconcern :: breaking news (knowbotic research)

03.05.2002 New Yorker, New Museum, Open_Source_Art_Hack

knowbotic research’s Minds of Concern::Breaking News consists of a gallery installation, web interface, and news-tickers. The project web site contains a Minds of Concern list of groups, movements, and non-governmental associations (NGOs) that have a global presence on the Internet. By clicking a name, visitors trigger a set of network processes that investigate the security conditions of a group’s server. The results are made available on a news-ticker that literally “visualizes” the strength or vulnerability of a server and strobe lights and sounds correspondingly vary in intensity in the gallery installation.



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crack it! (knowbotic research)

How to crack it!’ was the information and encouragement the computer magazine PC Online offered to readers in issue 10/2000, followed by precise instructions on how to take part in the boldly announced scheme: ‘The CD supplied with this issue contains the brute force attack software you need to participate to crack the password. After installing the program, dial into the Internet, where you can start to attack the Hamburg server and join the hot action.’ Behind the journalistic hype lies xxxxx connective force attack: open way to the public (, realized in collaboration with the Hamburg Kunstverein and the Hamburg Subway.

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io_dencies//lavoro immateriale (knowbotic research)

IO_lavoro immateriale is a collaborative database on the Internet, generated during the time of the Venice Biennale ’99 by Maurizio Lazzarato (political theorist), Luther Blisset (collective of media activists), Michael Hardt (philosopher), Hans Ulrich Reck (media theorist), Enzo Rullani (economist) and Iaia Vantaggiato (journalist). The database serves as an open discursive machine to question the current conditions of creative action and production in society. Starting from the analysis of ‘immaterial labour’ (all forms of creative, intellectual and affective labour are fully integrated and essential factors in the dominant economical production), the group collaboratively searches for contemporary political forms and concepts of creative actions in the public sphere of Italy today.
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anonymous muttering (knowbotic research)

DEAF 1996 Rotterdam
Digital Dreams 4 Newcastle 1996
Steierischer Herbst Graz 1997

“AM anonymous muttering” 1996 – 1997 public sphere urban Interfaces Web interface interventions in urban and electronic sounds analog and digital interfaces live-webcast In the project Anonymous Muttering, Knowbotic Research organises unpredictable light and sound events which can be experienced in specially develeloped outdoor location at outdoor locations as well as via this website. The sounds produced by DJ’s at several clubs are taken live and are transformed by a computer set-up into fragments of digital information. This digital material can then be worked on, manipulated and recombined. By bending and folding the graphic interface on the website the sounds are transformed into new shapes. This can be heard live with a RealAudio player, a sort of direct broadcasting via the Internet. Visitors at the outdoor locations can fold a special a silicon membrane. The effects of this intervention can be heard in a 3D sound environment. They also trigger the lights in two vertical circles of stroboscopes and thus wrap the visitor in a dense feltof lights and sounds. Thus it is impossible to decide who produces which effects: the visitors in the urban space, the visitors on the Net and the computer set-up operate together and produce an anonymous and unpredictable output.

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