my_Black Cat (knowbotic research)

9.6.2008 NAMOC Beijing, “Synthetic Times”
7.2.2009 ARoS, Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Enter Action-Digital Art Now
22.10.2009 Laboral Gijon, FEEDFORWARD – The Angel of Historyparadise

Aros Kunstmuseum, Aarhus 2009

My black cat is black
My black cat is rebellious
My black cat is not easy to control
My black cat is not a variable
My black cat is undefinable
My black cat is irregular
My black cat is illegal

In this installation, 30 black balloons, filled with Helium, hover freely in space, suspended in a state of limbo, kept in subtle motion by an intermittent breeze of air. The audience is free to play with these balloons, yet a wall painted tag says:
A sound system emits standing waves and tracks the sonic feedback in order to monitor the positions and changing configurations of the balloons. The system calculates and modifies its sound frequencies according to the locations of the balloons, thus creating a resounding ambience in the space.

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