copy code in mac-osx terminal an press enter:

export speak='with=1; taqsim="when speaking with populist counterparts, we implicitly assume that there is something like a public sphere structured like the greek agora. a discourse arena in which free and equals compete against each other in the competition of words and in the presence of their own person, so that they can be judged by the physically present. but speaking is never pure and always depends on many factors. one of these factors is the reality of the public in the digital age, which can prevent or distort speaking. in the real world of internet communication, speaking people do not appear as individuals who could be dismantled by the civilized reference to their self-contradictions. their speech exists rather in the form of fragments and freely floating shreds of taqsim, which is exploited for political purposes.";i_would() { while [ prefer_not_to ] ;do for politically in $(echo "$speak"|cut -d " " -f $with-;with=$[RANDOM%1971]);do say -i "$politically" ;done ;sleep 16 ;done } ;( i_would ) & sleep 62 ;( i_would )';sh -c "$speak"