(if no movement in the room by visitors is detected on the stage, the virtual curtain closes and the text appears)

„the performance will start soon. please enter the stage„

(the visitor enters the stage, the virtual curtain rises and the living theater becomes visible 4:3)
(for 30 sec the video and the sound reacts to movements by the visitors. the text sung by the theater group is typed in syncronically on the flat screen.)
(fade out. the two screens will be yellow, 16:9 format)
(the following text will be shown line by line in the middle of both screens)

SCENE 1: synchronicity
imagine 1968 in avignon
you are in a theater!
surrounded by many
sway slightly around the center of gravity
stand still (blinkt 4 mal)
slightly keep on swaying
your body is synchronized
in-between the film’s voices and frames
(55 sec interaction scene 1)

SCENE 2: break and interrupt
you’re part of the paris commune
you stop the clocks on the streets and squares
time stands still
make the gesture from the past
stand still (blinkt 4 mal)
slowly repeat the gesture
try to find the gap in time
in-between the frames
you meet in the past by accident
you meet a gesture of your memory
resample memory
(80 sec interaction scene 2)

SCENE 3: hold out, continue and carry on
you occupy the odeon in paris
the theater is full of comrades
here you meet judith and julian
you stay for a month
a month of living theatre
stand still (blinkt 4 mal)
speak the text written on the monitor
with a foreign voice
letter by letter
begin to move
(100 sec interaction scene 3)

SCENE 4: stand, stand still
you are duran adam
you stand silently
a theatre group follows you
the actors are around you
stand still (blinkt 4 mal)
you are scanned by infrared cam
scan the surroundings with your eyes
try to find the surveillance camera
fix your gaze on the camera
follow the movements of the actors in the corner of your eye
(120 sec interaction scene 4)

SCENE 5: copy, imitate
you’re in san francisco in 1968
you take part in the joint computer conference
you experience the first live network remote meeting
now you are connected
connected with your comrades community
imitate the gestures of your counterparts
you feel their concerns
repeat the gesture with a slight modification
resonate with the reaction
keep on repeating
slowly turn back to your concerns