zürich 2018

zürich 2015

The work {reclaim the twelfth camel} < code of practice is about an attempt to generate language to reappropriate algorithmic space, a space that has gone amiss, got lost or was just plain stolen from us.

To this end, a special animal is led into the room, a camel that is simultaneously text, image, program, narrative and enactment. The work is about a conflict over distribution that ostensibly is resolved well, balancing everything out again. This apparently good solution however throws the relation between text and enactment out of joint. A third figure, the self-executing shell program that decodes itself from the image of the camel, demands to have its say, all the while writing, or prescribing, the story of the twelfth camel. But who is it that speaks the text of the story, and from what position? Might it not be about an utterly different conflict over distribution, about time and space of the narrative, and about the question of who and how can reclaim the redistribution of this space?

A multiplicity of performers in the form of bots, scripts and figures make their appearance. The project starts out on the opening date on 17 March at 21:00h and will be followed during the exhibition by further protagonists and enactments.